We offer a unique espresso blend and cold brew provided by Groundwork Coffee.
We also serve hot and iced teas from Compassion Tea Company. Compassion donates all of its after tax profits to a charity that brings basic health care to individuals and communities in rural Africa.
In addition, we proudly serve Pirates Chai which makes a great latte, and is also non GMO. 

Tea List

Iced Teas:

  • Green Peach
  • Traditional Black

Black Teas:

  • English Breakfast
  • Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling

Oolong Tea:

  • Iron Goddess

Green Tea:

  • Jasmin With Flowers
  • Green Peach

White Tea:

  • Pai Mu Tan

Tsanes (herbal):

  • Egyptian Chamomile
  • Bourbon St. Vanilla Rooibos
  • Provence Rooibos

Yerba Mate