Porter Ranch, CA

Porter Ranch, CA

20065 W. Rinaldi St, Suite 120
Los Angeles, CA, 91326

Phone: 818-477-2400

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Meet the people behind this location

The Erskine/Ettaro Family
The Erskine/Ettaro Family

Helen and Tony offer authentic gelato with an American twist, along with an assortment of delectable artisanal chocolates, to residents in and around the Porter Ranch area. All you have to do is hear their family motto – Life is uncertain, eat dessert first! – to understand why they decided to turn their passion for sweets into a way to bring a hefty dose of joy to their community.

Tony and Helen are nothing if not a Renaissance couple. Helen is not only a classically trained musician who plays in two symphony orchestras and a wind quintet for fun, but she’s worked as a CPA, a Chartered Accountant, and a Financial Advisor. Her accomplishments don’t stop there – Helen has also been a jet pilot for United Airlines and piloted aircraft ranging from Cessnas to 747s.

Tony started out as a general contractor, building custom homes, including the one he and Helen currently occupy. He later transitioned to software engineering in Silicon Valley, in roles that had him traveling the world and he currently serves as the CTO of a California-based startup.

What the couple learned along the way is the value of pursuing one’s passions, and both share a lifelong love of chocolate that they finally decided to explore professionally. Their five children – Slade, Briseis, Jill, and twins Cristina and Magnus – couldn’t be happier with the decision, proclaiming themselves exceptionally pleased to have a “chocolate mom”.

Nothing is more important to Tony and Helen than family, and more than the exceptional chocolate, this is what drew them to Tifa Chocolate & Gelato, a family-owned business that made every guest feel like they were coming home when they walked in the door.

When they’re not serving up fine chocolates and classic gelato in a surprising range of flavors, Tony, Helen, and the kids enjoy playing with their cats – Zephyr, Rosie, and Andromeda – who keep life entertaining.